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Our commitments

People: training

The world is continually evolving, so it is vital that we continually evolve in line with it. Belgian Pork Group, its employees and the T&W pig farmers are keenly aware that well-trained employees are crucial, which is why they invest in various training programmes every year:

  • General safety on and around the workfloor
  • Reduction of antibiotics
  • Animal welfare throughout the entire process
  • Fire prevention
  • Trends and evolutions in the pig industry
  • Various other topics
The suppliers of T&W pigs are well-trained. They complete at least two training programmes every year, keeping up with the latest evolutions.

We share this knowledge internally, externally, online or by post to reach as many stakeholders as possible. The basic module of our online ‘Moviemento’ course provides information about food legislation, stock management, hygiene measures, traceability and control procedures.

“We can only move on to the next course if we fully understand the module and have successfully completed the test. It’s a gradual process, enabling us to apply the newly-acquired knowledge on the workfloor.”

Krystian Kruth, employee Belgian Pork Group