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Pig: disease policy

Creating a healthy environment on a pig farm involves taking a number of measures to minimise the risk of introduction or spread of pathogens. The main objective of each T&W pig farmer is to rear the pigs in the most responsible and most cost-effective way possible. This can only be achieved if the pigs are kept in good health.
A strict separation must be enforced between piglets and fattening pigs, by means of separate clothing, foot baths, a walking route... Use Ghent University’s Biocheck to learn more about the appropriate measures or to evaluate the measures in place:

Pig farmers should focus on disease prevention as much as possible: they must implement vaccination best practices or administer other treatments in consultation with the company veterinarian. Animal welfare is always a priority.

The Food chain information (VKI) document is a very important means of communication between the pig farmer and the slaughterhouse. All treatments, including individual ones, must be recorded in this document, as well as any other relevant incidents.

In line with our correct treatment protocol, we also implement an efficient euthanasia policy for animals that are too sick.Animals with minimal chances of recovery must not infect other animals.

T&W pig farmers commit to take these measures:

  • A separate sick bay for sick pigs.
  • Euthanasia may only be carried out using legal methods.This means that euthanasia must always be carried out by a vet, using a registered product that was developed for this purpose.

“Belgian Pork Group encourages pig farmers to make improvements each year. The pig farmer fills out the Biocheck of Ghent University to actively assess measures.”

Belgian Pork Group