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Pig: pleasant environment

Pigs are smart, curious and social animals. When piglets grow up in an environment where they can play, this has an impact on their cognitive and social development. Pigs also prefer a safe environment, neither too hot nor too cold, where they can take care of themselves and have sufficient exercise.

Paying attention to the environment where pigs are reared is a crucial aspect of contemporary pig farming. Specific checks are conducted to guarantee animal welfare and fulfil the needs of the pigs as much as possible.

Each T&W pig and its environment are checked visually at least twice a day, and these checks are registered.

An adapted environment and play materials make the barn more interesting. They become less bored as a result. This also prevents ear and tail biting. This material is checked and evaluated every three months. If it no longer provides sufficient distraction, the T&W pig farmer replaces it.

We understand that the cutting of tails is no longer acceptable in contemporary society. Solutions must be found that are tailored to each individual company, in close consultation with the company veterinarian.
General animal welfare always takes priority in this assessment. Part of the tail may be removed, but only after written permission from the company veterinarian.

“In a sense, pig farming is similar to elite sports.You will never achieve the desired result if everything is not as it should be and if you don’t have the expertise.”

Jos Van Thielen - Lecturer, intensive stock farming, KULeuven/Thomas More Kempen