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Our commitments

Planet: energy and water

Belgian Pork Group has developed an action plan to raise farmers’ awareness and coaches them in reducing water and energy consumption, waste, harmful products, noise, odour and mobility.

The following investments are planned at the various sites:

  • Water: investment of more than 1.2 million euros to upgrade the sites and water recovery which should lead to water savings of 60%.
  • Energy: Investment of more than 800,000 euros.
    • We can save an additional 2% by investing in a solar park. These solar panels are installed on carports to ensure the entire car park is covered and cars can find shade and electricity.
    • Thanks to the CHP installed on the Westvlees site in 2016, we have reduced our group-wide electricity consumption by approximately 15%. We are planning to invest in CHPs for Lovenfosse and Comeco to reduce the electricity consumption by an additional 10%.
  • Wind: investment of more than 500,000 euros for an additional reduction of our energy consumption, making our production units even more climate-neutral.

We are also investigating the option of building a biogas plant at our largest site to become completely CO2 neutral. This biogas plant can be fuelled with our own by-products or with by-products or energy crops from our pig farmers.